Steffen Roth – Kalbe / Milde

steffen roth_mg_0052 MC and digial | Releases September 22

Kalbe / Milde is drummer Steffen Roth’s Minimal Music-influenced solo debut.

“The Idea: Try to create something that is exclusively rooted in your inner self.

Soon you will realize that your inner self is the product of experiences with other people, moments you shared with loved ones and music played and composed by someone else. So what is your so called inner self then that we try to express in our daily actions, in our arts to distinguish ourselves from others and create something that has never existed before? 

Maybe it is the conglomeration of all the choices we make that forms something so unique that, even if it is related to others, it exists for the first time and is not repeatable by other human beings. By being aware of a natural, constantly changing perception of everything, one starts a perputal process. I have found this place, Kalbe/Milde, to be a place where the people, the history, the stories, and myself currently respond in unexpectedly vibrant ways to this music.” Steffen Roth