Vomit Heat with International Music – Heute
December 17th, 2021 / AO032
Formats: 7″, Dl | LISTEN + BUY

A multi-layered journey full of hints, references and danceable psychedelia.

Nasssau – Hedi spielt Kosmolin
April 29th, 2021 / AO028
Formats: MC, Dl | LISTEN + BUY

Straight from the cosmos into your strained brains.

Various – mex 2020
January 1st, 2021 / AO030
Formats: LP, CD, MC, Dl | LISTEN + BUY

Due to global pandemic conditions the concert series mex was unable to host any concerts in 2020 and therefore decided to release this special compilation.

Ludwig Wittbrodt – s/t
November 13th, 2020 / AO027
Formats: MC, Dl | LISTEN + BUY

The Duo of Emily Wittbrodt on cello and Edis Ludwig on laptop and drums develops a thicket of sounds and melodies that absorbs us in a completely unpretentious way and fills us with associations and warmth.

Nasssau – Anna-Lisa & Rosanne
August 28th, 2020 / AO029
Formats: MC, Dl | LISTEN + BUY

Nasssau is an 8-piece improv band consisting of friends who’ve collaborated in a wide range of different musical styles and formations. Nasssau is the attempt to find an ever-changing and collective musical language. 

Elisa Kühnl – Οδός της Βόννης
August 1st, 2020 / AO026
Formats: MC, Dl | LISTEN + BUY

Touching or even disturbing vocal improvisations. Vulnerable, confrontational, personal, tense.

Sourdure – Mantras
December 13, 2019 / AO022
Formats: 3LP, Dl | LISTEN + BUY

In June 2016, the great outdoors music festival Echos asked Ernest Bergez aka Sourdure to produce a series of “mantras” set to be diffused in between each concert of the twenty-four hours event taking place in the french Alpes. These pieces were played on the festival’s gigantic speakers/ horns system in the afternoon, evening, night, morning, noon… and reverberated fully in the rocky valley.

Spemakh – Nonzigo
November 29, 2019 / AO025
Formats: LP, Dl | LISTEN + BUY

Spemakh is a surprisemusic-group from Germany. Using a wide range of homemade and custombuilt wind- and percussioninstruments, aswell as viola, doublebass, voice-noise, guitar, objects and miniature-electronics, the band is aiming for a radical play with uncertainty, involving humour, gesture and collective surprise.

Sisto Rossi – My Dungeon My Rules
July 26, 2019 / AO021
Formats: MC, Dl | LISTEN + BUY

Sisto Rossi might became the keystone of the post industrial experimental/noise scene of the Ruhr Area. Originally from Tampa, Florida he appeared in western Germany around 2001, with plenty of energetic and creative live performances under several aliases.

Léonore Boulanger – Practice Chanter
July 1, 2019 / AO024
Formats: MC, Dl | LISTEN + BUY

The beautiful weird new album by Léonore Boulanger and her crew.

Transport – Live at Kraak Festival
May 3, 2019 / AO023
Formats: MC, Dl | LISTEN + BUY

On March 2, 2018, Transport tore down the Beursschouwburg in Brussels. Luckily, this documentation exists.

Br’lâaB – Other People’s Crimes
December 1, 2018 / AO020
Formats: 10″, Dl | LISTEN + BUY

Artefact of wild paranoia and spy-thriller sonics, weaving vignettes of surveillance gone wrong, doublethink and confessional echolalia.
Marius Chwalek – Volta Penta
July 27, 2018 / AO019
Formats: MC, Dl | LISTEN + BUY

Exciting debut album by german producer Chwalek, located between IDM, Expeimental, Ambient and Music Concrete.

Peter Strickmann – Mellow Toes
May 4, 2018 / AO018
Formats: LP, Dl | LISTEN + BUY

This LP contains audio-recordings of sleeping humans, friends, and animals in all places and states of rest, sleep and nap, captured during night- and daytime.

Phil Struck – NNO
February 23, 2018 / AO017
Formats: MC, Dl | LISTEN + BUY

Phil ennobles the trivial, honors the silence and creates an experimental collection of raw textural ambiance.

Limpe Fuchs – String Stone Weight
December 8, 2017 / AO016
Formats: LP, Dl | LISTEN + BUY

Outstanding concert by the grande dame of avant-garde, recorded live at Shiny Toys Festival for Time Based Experiments, 2016.
Nils Quak – Sur l’eau
November 3, 2017 / AO015
Formats: MC, Dl | LISTEN + BUY

The sounds on this tape treat carefully as if they don’t want to disturb anyone. At least most of the time.

Steffen Roth – Kalbe / Milde
September 22, 2017 / AO014
Formats: MC, Dl | LISTEN + BUY

Kalbe / Milde is drummer Steffen Roth’s Minimal Music-influenced solo debut.
Br’lâaB – Molochville
April 21, 2017 / AO013
Formats: MC, Dl | LISTEN + BUY

Br’laaB is the moniker for the studio works of Brecht Ameel (Razen), consisting of tape collage pieces based on recordings of found audio, ultra-fi sampling, degraded vhs, skipping cd’s and sandpaper vinyls.

Transport – Milchreise
April 7, 2017 / AO012
Distributed by Cargo Records Germany
Formats: LP, Dl | LISTEN + BUY

Transport rushes through all sorts of unholy rituals and improvised excesses. A Space Odyssey without rules or certainties, apart from the filthy power of an uproar of etheric synthesizer washes and motoric drum pulses.
Michael Valentine West – Von Bock Strasse 18
March 24, 2017 / AO011
Formats: MC, Dl | LISTEN + BUY

Michael is a composer/decomposer utilising lessons learnt from various musical disciplines such as minimal, ambient, glitch, hip hop, jazz and sound design.
Kai Niggemann, Nils Quak – Ein Abend am modularen Synthesizer
December 17, 2016 / AO009
Formats: MC, Dl | LISTEN + BUY

In May 2016, we invited the musicians Kai Niggemann and Nils Quak to an evening at the modular Synthesizer.
November 19, 2016 / AO010
Distributed by Cargo Records Germany
Formats: 12″ Vinyl (Picture), Dl | LISTEN + BUY

The opto-musical agglomerate is the pairing of British musician Dan Hayhurst (media devices, electronic instruments) and New Zealand animator Reuben Sutherland (video zoetrope turntable, animation, optix).
September 16, 2016 / AO008
Distributed by Cargo Records Germany
Formats: LP, Dl | LISTEN + BUY

She sings in French, German, improvises some unknown languages. The voice searches the lines and colors in an extra-European vegetation. Synesthesia. Impediment. Anomaly. Restart. Primitivism.

March 18, 2016 / AO005
Formats: Limited Edition MC, Dl | LISTEN + BUY

At Ottfest 2014, FRANCE set out for a wild mesmerising revelry of sound. The result is one of their best recordings to date.

February 26, 2016 / AO006
Formats: LP, Dl | LISTEN + BUY
Distributed by Cargo Records
Videos: Wrong Place | Miriam | Broken Heartscape

Debut album of Nils Herzogenrath. Fusing experimentalism, kraut and psychedelic with no fear of melodies and a heart for noise.

January 27, 2016 / AO007
Formats: MC, Dl | LISTEN + BUY
Video: Live in Cologne

These improvisations are impositions to the hearing habits in the largely calm waters of moden music.

October 17, 2014 / AO004
Formats: LP, Dl | LISTEN + BUY
Videos: Kim M | Interview

Michael is a composer/decomposer utilising lessons learnt from various musical disciplines such as minimal, ambient, glitch, hip hop, jazz and sound design.

April 12, 2014 / AO003
Formats: MC, Dl | LISTEN + BUY

Morphious B creates a world evolving from musical influences such as 80s boogie, hip hop, synth and studio experiments.

February 1, 2014 / AO002
Formats: LP, Dl | BUY

Blemishes always means an energetic explosion of fragmentary interlacings, an apparent chaos of improvisation.

December 2, 2013 / AO001
Formats: MC, Dl | BUY

This sounds like abstract ambient, it sounds like noise, and live it turns into a rhythmic world rich of pictorial language.