Never mind the Ottfest, here’s Shiny Toys Festival!

Again in 2016, we’re collaborating with Shiny Toys Festival for time based experiments. The convention will take place on 19th November, at Ringlokschuppen in the city of Mülheim.

The line up contains Ana Ott artists Léonore Boulanger, Michael Valentine West, and Sculpture. Also playing are Limpe Fuchs, The Dorf, Maja Ratkje with SPUNK and many more. If you are anywhere near, be sure to join us in this festivity. Program and stuff here

Preview: Léonore Boulanger – Feigen Feigen

Léonore Boulanger - Feigen Feigen Between Blue and summer fruits, from fragility to ecstasy: Feigen Feigen is the third album by Léonore Boulanger. It is released on September 16 on Ana Ott (vinyl) and Le Saule (CD).

Already the artwork suggests fairytale – a mirage between summer day and winter night. The record holds bizarre coincidences, which break through the seemingly calm waters of chanson and folk. The spontaneity in the music by Boulanger and her group indicates the mode of formation of the album between Paris and Berlin (for example, when we hear the fig dealer from Maybachufer sing, namely pretty good!) read more->

It’s not spring without Léonore Boulanger!

May 18: À l’âme et son / Brussels
May 19: Vogelhaus / Bocholt
May 20: Die Box / Leipzig
May 21: Galeriefest / Kassel