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100% organic cotton and fairly traded, as far as this is possible under capitalist conditions. Printed by Low Life screen printing collective.

Nasssau – Anna-Lisa & Rosanne

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In the heat of summer ’19, Nasssau staggered in a stuffy bus through parts of Europe. They pant in Dusseldorf, they splashed in Hamburg, they rejoiced in Brussels and they mumbled in Antwerp’s secret gardens. Along the way, Anna-Lisa and Rosanne found each other.

Each cassette is handmade and unique. The cases have been made in gravure printing. More precisely: They are line etchings with oil paint on handmade paper. The process also uses a titanium-zinc plate and a paint made of diluted tar. And finally, to match the music, the whole thing wanders through an acid bath.

Nasssau is an 8-piece improv band, formed in 2015 in the Makroscope Art Center in Mulheim a.d. Ruhr, Germany. Consisting of friends who’ve collaborated in a wide range of different musical styles and formations, Nasssau is the attempt to find an ever-changing and collective musical language. 

Elisa Kühnl – Οδός της Βόννης

MC and digital | Releases August 1sta3742563403_10
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Finally we can publish Elisa Kühnls vocal improvisations. Touching or even disturbing, vulnerable, confrontational, personal, tense. We dubbed the cassette in very good quality. It comes in a cardboard slipcase, hand-printed and stamped by the artist herself.

On one side: recording of a concert in an empty office building on Bonner Straße in Cologne. The audience stands at the windows on the first floor and looks/listens outside into a construction pit where the performance takes place. The other side: Recorded in the same pit one week later without audience. Alarmed by the voice, the neighborhood called the police.