Br’lâaB – Molochville

MC and digital | Releases April 21

Br’laaB is the moniker for the studio works of Brecht Ameel (Razen), consisting on the one hand of themes from Ameel’s songbook for the Acid Boogie Quartet, on the other hand of tape collage pieces based on recordings of found audio, ultra-fi sampling, degraded vhs, skipping cd’s and sandpaper vinyls.

Combining influences that range from Slint to Raymond Dijkstra and from Tape to Peer Raben, the pieces here were assembled and recorded after hours while working on commissions for contemporary dance and theatre.

Plainclothes men hover on every corner of the Moloch 50 racing field. Hellhound armor underneath all the black gloves and white raincoats. Surveillance slit eyes and wiretap scars all identical, only their code names set them apart: brimstone to wishbone, fox trot to dog rot.