Concert series


Since 2013, we’re hosting our own little series of adventures at our headquarter Makroscope in Mülheim, Germany. The focus is on an experimental approach to sound and a critical look at the replica rolex culture industry and pop cultural contexts and conditions.

• November 10: Miman, Emimo
• November 11: James P Honey
• December 20: International Music, Düsseldorf Düsterboys
• January 22: Aaron Moore and Erik K. Skodvin

You find us at Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 48 in Mülheim an der Ruhr, 45468. All concerts start around 8pm. We ask for 5 Euro at the door – all proceeds go to the musicians. Welfare recipients don’t pay entrance fee. For any questions, write us via booking[at]

Every eight weeks, we host our own little radio show on
German language/universal music.

There is less talk in the last show of 2017, but more music that has touched and brightened our lonely souls this year.

In this episode, we give a detailed outlook on this year’s Shiny Toys Festival For Time Based Experiments. Plus, new albums by Limpe Fuchs and Nils Quak are announced. With music from Rob Mazurek, Charlemagne Palestine, Pierre Bastien, This Heat and many more.

This edition contains an overview of the upcoming concerts at Makroscope as well as an introduction to the debut album of drummer Steffen Roth. Plus music by Bird People, Jake Tobin, Ellen Arkbro and many more.

This episode features a beginners guide to Golden Diskó Ship and a live recording of Iannis Xenakis’ Kottos, recorded at our concert series. The two hours also contain music by Br’lâaB, Mind Over Mirrors, Oto Hiax, Andrea Belfi and many more.

The first edition of Ana Ott Radio features interviews with Umland Records / The Dorf and music by Achim Zepezauer, Phil Struck, Viola Klein, Transport and others.