▼ Musicians

Léonore Boulanger

Léonore Boulanger | Vocals, guitar, percussions, ect.

Br’lâaB | Guitar, mandolin, electronics.


Limpe Fuchs | Percussions, self made instruments.

Vomit Heat

Vomit Heat | Vocals, guitars, synthesizer, and more.

Foto: Sascha Markus

Peter Strickmann | Prepared objects, fieldrecordings

Phil Struck | Electronics.

Nils Quak

Nils Quak | Modular Synthesizer.


Steffen Roth | Drums, percussions.


Tesk | Computer, field recordings.


Transport | Guitars, percussions, synthesizer.

Michael Valentine West | Electronic decompositions.

▼ Graphic artists

In recent years, we have worked with many different talented graphic, video and photo artists. These are some of them.

Julia Schwarz

Julia Schwarz | Illustrator

Daria Jelonek

Daria Jelonek | Illustrator


Katharina Geling | Photographer

Gabriele Klages | Fine artist

Yochanan Rauert | Video artist