Nasssau – Hedi Spielt Kosmolin

a3742563403_10MC, digital | Out April 29th
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Dear friends of absurd and leftfield music, lovers of Krautrock and free improvisation. Today we have a surprise release for you: “Hedi Spielt Kosmolin” by Nasssau. The cassette/digital version contains a mind-melting recording of this 8-piece supergroup (including members of Transport, Ludwig Wittbrodt, Vomit Heat, Gras, The Düsseldorf Düsterboys and more). Straight from the cosmos into your strained brains. Greetings and all the best to all you freaks out there!

Nasssau is an 8-piece improv band, formed in 2015 in the Makroscope Art Center in Mulheim a.d. Ruhr, Germany. Consisting of friends who’ve collaborated in a wide range of different musical styles and formations, Nasssau is the attempt to find an ever-changing and collective musical language.