Steffen Roth – Kalbe / Milde

steffen roth_mg_0052 MC and digial | Releases September 22

Kalbe / Milde is drummer Steffen Roth’s Minimal Music-influenced solo debut.

“The Idea: Try to create something that is exclusively rooted in your inner self.

Soon you will realize that your inner self is the product of experiences with other people, moments you shared with loved ones and music played and composed by someone else. So what is your so called inner self then that we try to express in our daily actions, in our arts to distinguish ourselves from others and create something that has never existed before?  Continue reading

Br’lâaB – Molochville

MC and digital | Releases April 21

Br’laaB is the moniker for the studio works of Brecht Ameel (Razen), consisting on the one hand of themes from Ameel’s songbook for the Acid Boogie Quartet, on the other hand of tape collage pieces based on recordings of found audio, ultra-fi sampling, degraded vhs, skipping cd’s and sandpaper vinyls. Continue reading

Transport – Milchreise

LP and digital | Releases April 7
Distributed by Cargo Records Germany

Transport rushes through all sorts of unholy rituals and improvised excesses – from Tanz um den Melkeimer to the Ekelzentrum and on to the Traumbaum. A Space Odyssey without rules or certainties, apart from the filthy power of an uproar of etheric synthesizer washes and motoric drum pulses. On their Milchreise, they boldly stimulate cosmic regions of your brain that no band has stimulated before (probably apart from Amon Düül, Ash Ra Tempel and Boredoms).  Continue reading

Michael Valentine West – Von Bock Straße 18

MC and digital | Releases March 24

Michael is a composer/decomposer utilising lessons learnt  from various musical disciplines such as minimal, ambient, glitch, hip hop,  jazz and sound design. In 2015, Michael’s album Code 17 Abstraction (Ana Ott) was shortlisted for the Dead Albatross award for best new album of 2014. Here’s it’s long awaited successor.

It feels good to look back at a year full of new encounters and exciting projects, and it warmth our hearts that some people out there lent us their empathetic ears. But since this wasn’t allways the case, our first ever published LP, Libido by Blemishes, remains largely unheard. And that’s quite unacceptable. In our opinion, Libido is a noteworthy moment in contemporary Free Improvisation you should not miss. It’s so fragile, yet uncompromising, so sensitive and confrontative at the same time… It’s simply beautifull.

We’re still incredibly proud of it and don’t want this beauty to rot in our cellar. Therefore, we offer a 30% discount to open minded lovers. Purchase it via Bandcamp until January 1 and use the code “anaonfire” at the checkout to get drowned in Blemishes’ Libido!